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Life is beautiful. It is not there to scare you. It is there to excite you. All it demands from you is to be awed and aware. Be.


Between Cups of Coffee began with a realisation that life was much more than just a series of jobs, career growth and fulfilling the expectations of others. It began with the awakening of the writer in me that had been noticed by a teacher in eight grade and who had hibernated, with pent up thoughts for far too long.

When the blogging era began, I found myself in the company of the very first of the Indian blogging community at Rediffiland. It was, and still is (for me) the best blogging platform I ever saw. This was before blogs became a matter of scores and likes and not genuine unbridled content. I want to be able to write like that forever. 

This is not a space that is aimed at faking it. This is a space of being. A journey of what stirs the soul and strings my life in what I aspire to be a journey of ikigai (the work-life balance) and meraki (putting your soul into your work). This space is a combination of these two life philosophies. Breaking and becoming all the more valuable, as in kintsugi. I have only just begun.

In absolute gratitude,


What I also do...

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Work Life Balance | Motivation Leadership | Keynote Speaking | Women Empowerment | Change 

Work Life Balance | Career Choices  |Art Therapy | Food Conversations | Communication 

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