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Between Cups of Coffee began with a realisation that life was much more than just a series of jobs, career growth and fulfilling the expectations of others. It began with the awakening of the writer in me that had been noticed by a teacher in eight grade and who had hibernated, with pent up thoughts for far too long.

When the blogging era began, I found myself in the company of the very first of the Indian blogging community at Rediffiland. It was, and still is (for me) the best blogging platform I ever saw. This was before blogs became a matter of scores and likes and not genuine unbridled content. I want to be able to write like that forever. 

This is not a space that is aimed at faking it. This is a space of being. A journey of what stirs the soul and strings my life in what I aspire to be a journey of ikigai (the work-life balance) and meraki (putting your soul into your work). This space is a combination of these two life philosophies. 

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What I also do...

Guest Lectures/TEDxTalks

Work Life Balance | Motivation Leadership | Keynote Speaking | Women Empowerment | Change 


Work Life Balance | Career Choices  |Art Therapy | Food Conversations | Communication 

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Curated Road Trips/ Travel

Curated holidays | Road Trips

Retreats (Work Life Balance)

Food Trails | Textile Trails

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