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Don't expect standard answers here. Answers can range from the serious to saucy, sarcastic, funny, or simple.

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This takes up the issue of gas lighting that millions face all over the world. Share thoughts, derive strength. Evolve.

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Writing Blues Blocks and Breakthroughs

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  • My podcast link is here . Do listen up if you wish to know more about gas lighting .
  • Introduce yourself. Let each other know a little bit. Interact and say hello. Some of us have known each other for over a decade and a half perhaps, some longer or shorter. The one thing that brings us together is the need to express ourselves in the written form. That's a great start. May you find what you seek.
  • This Forum is the space where writing challenges will pop up for members to try and write about. A lot of what I am doing here and you will be doing here is try and tweak this site for better improvement. Just make sure it is not about asking me to move away from Wix.com platform. I am comfortable running this from this platform and have been very challenged with other platforms like Wordpress which is very popular. Also, this is a paid for platform so yeah, not moving away. I look forward to adding a few more apps as we go along. Some apps are free and some are paid apps, hence, I am making do with the best of the free. I do not want any of us to pay for writing here. The income to maintain this site should hopefully come from the deals page. So yeah, that's pretty much it. Welcome!