Evil's Refrain

the shadows will visit

when other kinds of pain

begin to show up like old abandoned treasures,

biting into the flesh of your soul’s melting mass.

blood will course

through poisoned veins

that stand out on a cold winter’s day,

reminders of aches spewing its venom,

cold burns leaving marks

that scour for attention and get it.

smoke will seep

through jarred passages of lungs

that have soaked up the tar

and rendered you breathless

while you survived the assault

of memories’ thirsty domination

the leveling field of my perception

will dance upon these agonizing moments,

another hour or so,

crushing the depth of despair

and emerging to see

how worthless such moments of agony are

when you see

the losses that you have had

were somebody’s gain

we all measure up in life’s scale,

much of evil in much of good,

much of good in much of evil

and the hungry two,

will vie for attention,

each wanting to grow.

Both waiting to be fed.

© Sandhya Suri


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© 2020, Sandhya Suri - All Rights Reserved