forever, the last time

the mirror knows it all

see the dead walk

every day, dark circles

coated in khol's sleepless nights

and laughter lines

stopping my ageing skin

empty smiles creak in effort

to bring a sheen to the eyes

seems like forever is short-lived

there always was a last time

and I burned a little more

wept and washed a piece of soul away

I died in pieces, the best of me I gave you

in that heartbreak way you unwrapped me

held me in your arms not wanting to let go

teary-eyed I walked away

and you held my soul with you

the last time your goodbyes

fought with my 'whys'

you had no answers that stilled my soul

it all felt like forever

and it withered away

don't leave me now

in this comatose bent of life

I am not as alive as my laughter

tells you, they have learned to fib

my lying eyes need watching

my pretences wear beautiful clothes

and there is that sexy shoe

that blisters unwept tears

the last time

...why wasn't it a forever last time?

© Sandhya Suri


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