Forgotten Things - Fun and Laughter

Earth is a great, big funhouse without the fun. – Jeff Berner

When was the last time, you really let out that laughter out freely? Hush! Don’t laugh like that. It is not lady-like (especially for the women)! How can you laugh like that? That is the problem. Somewhere, in the utter seriousness of the immense burden of responsibilities, we have forgotten to laugh. Where can we ever hope to achieve that amazing flow of positive feeling that a good laugh can bring to us?

Mark it; I am not speaking of the sadistic, ironical, smirk of a laugh here. I am speaking of what arises from deep within, that fabulous full-throated adrenalin pumping laugh. It is pretty obvious, a good laugh has become a rare commodity, seldom reaching our ears; leave alone the deep confines of our souls.

We left it behind somewhere, in the empty corridors of our school building, in the open lawns and sidewalks of the college campus where chilly mornings were spent sipping lemon tea, hot piping samosas dipped in sweet and sour chutney. Buried, it has settled deeper in the recesses of our beings, in the daily fast-paced humdrum of lackluster lives. If your child looks at you with disbelief because you are narrating something you did way back what was fun, it is because they have probably not seen you have that kind of fun.

Go on, try tearing off sheets of white paper, make those paper-boats, get those kites out flying in the air, run after the ones that cut loose, put your face to the breeze, collect marble, play with them and take your kid star-gazing. There is no teacher in the world that can teach you to laugh again like a child. A pup or a dog is a close second. Grab that ice-cream and allow your child to give you that messy hug and kiss. Tickle. Be tickled.

Have fun! Life is short. Shorter than you imagined. Make the most of it. Begin to laugh again. Start with yourself. Entertain. Laugh at the craziness your life is and hit that humour button more often. Make someone smile. Join your kids in having plain fun. Get off that couch, hold your kid’s hand instead of the television remote and make every day count.

Splash colour to your life. It is worth every breath. Life is meant to be lived. Never turn your back on life. Life is beautiful. It is not there to scare you; it’s there to excite you.

Dare. People may think you are nuts. But, you know better. And hey, if you are having fun and it’s just the way you want it to be, why be scared?

© Sandhya Suri

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