he held her soul parted its spillovers of pain and lonesomeness erupting vivid crimson and black through pores of the mind's eye

…mesmerized in its rapt unraveling

she lay

tresses in abandon never for a moment breaking the steady stare galaxy of a million stars embedded and glittering now in her eyes, watching as his fingertips lingered in her scars feeling the difference and knowing each a bard's song embedded deep within, a music primeval that he had been permitted

...to play upon his fingertips

bewildered, captivated between a sigh and a pause gaping wounds he touched seeking each memory of her pain arm twisting his way he bore digging deeper

...and she let him...

in askance when he stopped all she whispered was, "What have I to lose?" not a moment longer lost he gathered her broken bits set about sewing it needled electric currents scooped up in kisses in gossamer love unconditional, and she healed

...one broken bit at a time.

© Sandhya Suri

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