the bleeding today

( written as part of a writer's novena exercise - no edits, first draft, no corrections...let it flow)

the fall was imminent, it was love after all

shooting at you relentless, like the kids who go now

on a shooting spree, universally

late night I wandered to where my soul lies

on bloodied melting snow, the rivulets run red

ominous the clouds seek out helplessness

it rains, on your face, skin soaked

washing the salt and the blur of this heaven soil

seeps into my shoes, muddy, desperate

the troops are out, the children indoors

pilgrims who sought gods in caves

rushed out, there is a cleansing in the air

soon the cries to resound

it is a valley after all

my birthplace, my ancestors too

celluloid stories have no soul, nor the maladies

the aroma of saffron kava

vapours of vapid politics, it is just a colour now

the white between the saffron and green

the dharma of the wheel, spins crazy hues

it is to be red, red...bleeding, screaming red

inside the bedroom of my security

a hammering heart has forgotten prayers

gods have been too busy fighting each other

your religion, colour caste, mine never so ashamed

each time a temple is bathed in milk

all I see are little children with big questioning eyes

at traffic signals, fumes and carbon monoxide

is the purest they can breathe

the soles burn holes into souls

shame, shame and more shame

the statues they build

even those have no umbrellas

© Sandhya Suri

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