The Volatile Country - A New India

The header itself will probably get to you. Oh yes, I've sensed that over the past couple of years. It is a volatile topic. Do you know what is more volatile than that? Our sensibility. India has become a let down for women, men and transgenders alike who are victims of abuse, rape, of acts of violence causing harm, sometimes grievous, and life-taking.

A rapist will survive, be not put to death while held on an appeal and then get away scot free and an atheist be subject to discrimination. What is wrong with us? What are we being driven to?

God forbid should any of us be dumb enough to tarnish our own purity by what we eat, who we eat with, where we buy our stuff from, what we wear, or what roads we take, at what time of the day we take it!

"They had it coming. She had it coming. He had it coming." I hear this all the time. The truth is, I do not feel safe. I moved across the country, all the way south to feel a little safer. The truth also is that it is safer to be a cow in India than be a human being. We get nothing. They do. They are respected, defended, protected, and revered. Come on! Can we publicly acknowledge the fact that cows are safer and more important to the Indian psyche and development than ensuring the safety or security of human life on the road or inside our homes for that matter?

A number of people ask me why I am so angry? I am. I am because this has entered my home and made the people who live in it divided over issues; every issue that involves any kind of violence right from minority gas lighting to racism, rapes to crowd punishment, lynching, mass destruction of public property, making wrecks out of them, alienating family, friends, and loved ones.

Political and religious preferences have taken priority over remembering to call someone to wish them a happy birthday, or even asking how they are, like genuinely asking how they are. It is a lonely India, carved out of physical and emotional wreckages, some of who don't even realise it just yet. I am cynical. I wasn't like this. Not until I was indirectly being robbed of my life; the life I knew before all this insane madness began to really bubble. Yes, a corrupt world existed. But, no, I wasn't made to feel like a criminal. Everything is now under suspicion. Can you blame me for becoming cynical.

I am no rabid blind follower. I am also not inclined to believe everything I read and see. My opinions are my own. I can say one thing for sure, despite whatever losses I've personally been through, I liked my country way better before. I miss my India. The India that existed before this circus took over. Let's not get beefy about this...let's talk, and care, and be mindful. Personally, it's a long road to walk and it's a lonely one.

(c) Sandhya Suri

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