Last night, my breath pursued my soul, chasing its frightening desires down alleys that beckoned, wisps of the surreal and the carnal

clothed in promises of a forever kind, dragged me down the wormholes of absolute powerlessness.

I floated and then spiraled out of control, hands reached out, desperate and familiar, in a battle of minds

parallel universes of non-judgment barely there and the electricity of that almost contact shuddered the moonlight, glowing, menacingly poised to shatter worlds of my making and yours.

Yet, you called, and dared me to resist the gypsy magnetism of our dance in a universe of our making, cut away from everything logical the umbilical snipped, left to fend to our needs alone, of pained stories of lives we had lived within this life, scarred, tainted, reborn, dying and rising again

to crescendos of a musical rhapsody, sad and despair-ridden, soothed the touch of our fingertips against each other and floating, spent in feeling it all, letting go and owning, for that moment in time, an entire universe.

© Sandhya Suri


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